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Hair falls seems have become a crazy problem of lot of girl's , especially when the season is alternating, a grasp off when we comb the hair in every morning, God, It is really afraid that in one day, the hair is inexplicably lost!

So, what is the culprit in the hair lost, what is the reason that for the hair desperate leave us?

The first reason is : The hair is tied too tight

There are a lot of girl’s who will tie their hair very tightly, especially to the summer, that this just let the person look very spirit, or even tied to their own skin is pulled tight, but it is very easy to cause hair from the root of the broken down, is very hurt hair way .

The second reason is : Often dyed hair, perm, straighten.

Dyed hair, perm, to straighten the hair will make them look more beautiful, but the hair to do beauty also need the interval time, today dyed brown tomorrow dyed another color, there is not doubt that it will bring damage to the hair.

The third reason is : Hot air blowing wet hair

Many girl’s like to wash their hair and then use the hot air to blow wet hair, so that hair drying speed faster, however, the hot air blower blows too fast, the hot air blows too big, it will let the hair edgy and easy to break.

The fourth reason: Mental stress

Heavy mental pressure also will cause the hair easy to fall off, nervous, stay up late, will lead to our endocrine disorders, and then decline the health, malnutrition, at least, the hair fall from the root off .

So, girls, protect your hair from this second!

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