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A lot of beautiful girls are fond of chasing the trends of hair, and some of them even one months to change their hair which perm and dye! But do you know the damage of perm and dye your hair?

The harm of dyeing hair:


1, leading to hair loss. Hair dyes will stimulate inflammation of the hair follicle, a long time hair follicles will atrophy phenomenon, leading to the beginning of the thick hairs, or even fall off.


2, Skin allergy. Many people dyed hair will appear scalp redness, itching phenomenon, that means you are allergic.

So before dyeing hair, it is best to do a skin allergy test,  drop on the dye hair products on the inside of the wrist or smear in the ear, if there is swelling, itching of the phenomenon that your skin is sensitive to these drugs.

3, Metal poisoning. Hair dyes product contain a lot of metal components, such as lead acetate, silver nitrate, and so on, when these metals reach a certain amount of time it is very easy to cause metal poisoning, causing people dizziness, headaches, fatigue symptoms, and also may enter the liver kidney , brain, and the harm their organs.

The harm of Perm:


In fact, the general principle of Perm is through the professional perm liquid contained in the ammonium matte acid through the scale of the hair smoothly into the cortex, so as to change the hair in the corner of the white structure and the formation of curly hair.


1, Skin allergy. Because the perm is also needed the potion, if your skin are sensitive , these potions will easily lead to redness and swelling of the scalp, itching symptoms, and also lead skin allergies.



Both Perm and dye will damage the human body, which kind of injury is more?

Perm cause the hair become dry, and appear fork phenomenon, when dyeing hair , the potion will touch the skin directly, cause hair loss, and increase the risk of cancer.


Dye hair is easily caused by slowly lose luster and flexibility, especially the more the number of dyes, hair gloss will be worse ...

So, Which one do you think is more hurt by perm and dyed hair?

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