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What should we do ?when Hair dry ,tangle and edgy .

Beauty of face has been no contenting the request of lady. In now days ,a great number of lady pursuit the beauty of hair. It play a more an more important role in lady’s life .We often find that some people change their hairstyles like they do a cosmetic surgery.

So all of us want to dress up ourselves through change the hair style. Certainly , that is a good way let us become more beautiful .but we also need to pay the cost of it. Such as your hair will be edgy, easy tangle and lost luster. Although it was a nice haircut , the whole person didn’t become better.

Indeed ,Regular perm will do a lot of damage to our hair. For example:

The hair is soft ,dry and lacks luster. 

After the perm, our hair is most obvious is the hair become soft, dry, and lack of luster. Because in the process of hot dye to some extent will take away the moisture in the hair, so the hair is particularly easy to dry, easy knot, and no luster.

 Hair split ends


When you perm and dye the hair ,the chemical and high-temperature will damage the scale, so it becomes fragile and easy to break, that hair fork also become a common.


Hair Falling, sparse

After dyeing hair, we also found that the hair felt more serious. As for me, the year before the winter holiday I dyed the hair, also do the ion , the result is the hair lose particularly serious, especially the in front of head . I went to see a lot of doctors. Basically, it is said that when the hair is dyed, the irritating substance in the chemical potion causes irritating damage to the hairs. So it causes the hair to fall seriously.


So ,how can we prevent our hair from damage and also dress up ourselves. I think the virgin hair is a good choice .you can choice all kinds of hair styles as your favor .for example body wave, loose wave ,and yaki hair . and the most important thing is it cant protect your hair.


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